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We offer a full range of dental services to meet your family’s needs, whether you are seeking a six-month preventive cleaning and examination or more advanced care, such as dental implant placement and wisdom tooth extraction. Your entire family is welcome at our practice, including your children, and we’ve taken extra steps to make sure that they feel just as at ease as you do!
We can offer family-block appointments so you can avoid multiple trips, and we are usually able to accommodate same-day emergencies, so if you are in pain or have another concern, go ahead and give us a call!

We place a high value on preventing dental disease before it starts. This helps to avoid difficult and costly dental problems as well as to preserve the lifespan of fillings and crowns you may already have.
Restorative and Cosmetic

We are a mercury-free dental office. This means we do not use silver filling material. We place 'white' fillings composed of a glass-filled resin matched to natural tooth color. We also offer crowns, bridges, implants, tooth whitening and veneers. 
Root Canal Therapy

Sometimes the nerve within a tooth becomes infected and painful for a variety of reasons. Root canal treatment involves preserving the tooth by removing the infected tissues within it, and filling the disinfected space. This allows the tooth to stay in place, working normally.
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